Family Pilot Program with 1 Set of Bells Early Bird Special

Family Pilot Program with 1 Set of Bells Early Bird Special

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Chime In’s e-learning course is about to make a big splash! Soar now with our pilot program. The program includes:

1 Cases of Bells (25 bells and 25 mallets)

16 Behavioral and Musical Online E-learning Courses

Lessons 1-6 available September 1, 2019

Lessons 7-10 available December 1, 2019

Lessons 11-16 available May 1, 2020

Chime In Digital Instruction Guide and Music (to be emailed upon purchase)

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This Pilot Program Set includes one sturdy black polyvinyl case which is 22.5" x 21" x 3.75". This set of bells is 2 octaves (G to G). Best for ages 4+. The extended range allows for the rich bass tone desired in resonator bells. The bars are colored like piano keys for easy recognition.

Please note: Following the pattern of the key signature, there would typically only be 13-15 bells in use for each case during one music-making session with the occasional use of accidentals.

For example, in the Key of C, bells C,D,E,F,G,B would be used in the two chord songs, and 'A' would be used in the three chord songs. The black bells (sharps and flats) would be only used as accidentals.

The Digital Instruction Guide includes:

-An explanation of the The Pattern Based Music System (TM)

-Helpful Hints and a Checklist

-A Color-Coded Chord Guide for the Key of C

-Diagrams of the bells with the I, IV, and V7 Chords for the Key of C

-Classroom Management Tips

-Proper Use of the Bells and Mallet Guides

-Additional Chime In! Symbols Guide


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