"Family Kit" with Ladder of Bells

"Family Kit" with Ladder of Bells



1 Ladder of Bells (8 bells and 8 mallets) with 7 Digital Starter Songs and basic instructions (to be emailed upon purchase).

The Family Set of Bells includes 8 bells ranging from c'' to c'''. Step ladder and resonating chambers are all wood, bars are metal. The bells are lightweight, with no sharp edges. Use the detachable resonator bells alone, or place them on the included step ladder to allow students to see and hear the relationship between notes. Includes 8 rubber-headed plastic mallets. Best for ages 3+. The bars are colored like piano keys for easy recognition. 

The 7 Digital Starter Songs includes:

Are You Sleeping, Brother John?

Hush Little Baby

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Home on the Range

America the Beautiful

Jingle Bells 

Deck the Halls

The Digital Basic Instructions include:

-A Color-Coded Chord Guide for the Key of C

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