behavioral pilot program

Chime In is an interactive behavioral e-learning series geared to non-musicians. As students play along with this fast and fun online course, they develop not only a well-rounded musical background, but also practical skills to improve their quality of life in every area.

The first phase will be introduced to 3rd-6th grades, meeting and exceeding Common Core music standards and supplementing their current curriculum.

Be a part of our Chime In Behavioral Pilot Program.

“whole child” development focus

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Chime In is an affordable way to put an instrument in every hand, and every lesson includes:

-Social and Behavioral Skills

-Emotional Coping Skills

-Health and Nutrition

-Academic Reinforcement

-Music and Arts Education

e-learning course


Using bells, 3rd-6th grade students will follow along to 16 online e-learning courses (averaging 2x a month) as a 30 minute activity throughout the school year.

Each lesson features:

-Skills and Music taught Storybook Style

-Sing and Play-along Bell Music

-Rhythm Exercises

-Note Reading

Social and Emotional Skills taught storybook style

Social and Emotional Skills taught storybook style

Sing and play-along bell music

Sing and play-along bell music

Note Reading Instruction

Note Reading Instruction

Rhythm Exercises

Rhythm Exercises

Chime In behavior skills

Chime In’s social and emotional coping skills are taught step by step within a storyline using original sing-along songs:

-Accepting Criticism

-Telling the Truth

-Disagreeing with Others

-Following Instructions

-Asking Permission

-Calming Down

And many more!


‘Bee’ Happy with Chime In

Chime In’s original sing-along songs highlights many ways to be happy:


-Be Thankful

-Be Helpful

-Be Polite

-Be Friendly

And many more!

Meet our Teachers

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peter pattern

AKA Pete, the conductor of Chime In Music Class, introduces classical music while highlighting patterns. Repeat!


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Although he often feels anxious, he teaches others to control their emotions with his “Bee Happy” series of songs, and is all a-buzz about dynamics.

Sheryl mouse

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Reach for the stars! Sheryl points out helpful practice techniques as she is preparing for her dream of being on Broadway.

muffles panda

Asset 6-100.jpg

Let’s make harmony! Muffles teaches teamwork and highlights ways to be a peacemaker.

elena hippo

Asset 7-100.jpg

You can, can! Our motivational dance teacher expects you to “step up” as she lovingly explains the whole and half steps of music theory.

Gary the whale

Asset 8-100.jpg

Ride the wave. Gary will tell “a whale of tale” as he explains how sound and science work. Surf’s up!

rickman lion

Asset 9-100.jpg

Rickman uses fruits and vegetables to beat the beets. Don’t get mouthy, get mathy. Supper!

troy penguin

Asset 10-100.jpg

La, la, la! Sing with Troy who appreciates the beauty of the language arts, while brushing up on Italian, the language of music. Bello!

Trevor turtle

Asset 11-100.jpg

This sportscaster is all about tempos. Get up and move with our speedy turtle Trevor. Presto!

Louie lane

Asset 12-100.jpg

News flash! Travel to past and present to get the story with our friendly frog and her jazzy sidekick V7 Fly. Ribbit!


layered learning with chime in

Educators love the ability to reach the eight different learning styles simultaneously with Chime In Bells. Teach anything to music and your students will remember it.

As Patricia K. Graham explained, "Music is a very efficient tool for teaching. Words and music that are memorized together can be remembered indefinitely. The melody helps to recall the words, and the rhythm of the words helps bring back the melody. We ought to be singing everything we teach. Musical commercials demonstrate how hard it is to forget a slogan with a catchy tune."

Bring Chime In’s behavioral program’s sing-along original music into the lives of the children you love to help them better navigate the world armed with social and emotional coping skills. The songs will be like a friend to guide them throughout their life and you’ll be a hero!

For more information download a free copy of our Chime In Education "Music in Minutes" brochure.


Chime In music skills

This is a list of general music skills students will have developed by the completion of the first series of Chime In Education:

-Basic Rhythm—Quarter, Eighth, Whole, Half, and Sixteenth Notes

-Note Reading on the Grand Staff

-Major and Minor Chords

-Performance Experience

-Appreciation of Classical Music

-Familiarity of Traditional Music


expected results

Here is a list of Quality of Life improvements students will have practiced with the completion of the first series of Chime In Education:

-Social Skills taught Step by Step

-Emotional Coping Skills

-Nutrition Focused to Reinforce Healthy Eating

-Strengthened Academic Skills (Math, Science, Reading, etc.)

-Practiced Principles of Teamwork

-Satisfaction in Creating Something of Beauty and Worth


how we measure success

Chime In Education will measure the effectiveness of the program using behavioral, academic, and music standards in these areas:

-Standardized Testing Comparisons

-Pre and Post Music Assessments

-Teacher Evaluations

  • Classroom Climate

  • Referrals to the School Counselor


What teachers are saying

“I was very impressed by the musical knowledge and ability my students were able to learn last year [2016-2017] from the Chime In program. Chime In allowed my students to acquire a strong appreciation for music theory and composition, especially those students who haven’t had exposure to music in the home.

“My students always looked forward to the days we had music, and I enjoyed how the lessons correlated with our curriculum and reinforced what I was teaching. Chime In was easy to fit into my classroom schedule and was a joy to work with.

“While my class was learning about rhythm and note progressions I saw a noticeable difference in several students as they were able to make connections to what they were learning in math. A student with developmental delays was able to practice his fine motor skills as he held the bell and mallet.

“Chime In was also a great way to reinforce important life skills like patience, listening, and collaboration. Our end of year performance was phenomenal, parents were extremely impressed and the students were so proud of their new musical ability. For most students this was the first opportunity they have ever had to perform a talent, and the boost in self esteem I saw was priceless.”

-A. Moon, 3rd Grade Teacher

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teacher support

Chime In is committed to quality teacher training and follow-up:

-Chime In Teacher Training E-Learning Course

-Teacher Specialist in Each School

-Chime In Representative Quarterly Follow-Up

-Classroom Management Helps


I’d like to teach…harmony!

There is nothing quite like music to teach teamwork, cooperation, following instructions, with the accompanying sensation of creating something with intrinsic beauty and value together.

As the famous teacher and violinist Shiniki Suzuki said, "If a child hears good music...and learns to play it...he develops sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart."

Classrooms and boardrooms, families and friends, can all benefit from the feelings of achievement and camaraderie from the creativity and discipline incorporated into every every music making, or in other words--peacemaking session of Chime In Bells. 


How it began

When Lauren’s oldest son started school, she knew how important music was in the learning process, and so she became his class’ volunteer music teacher.

Lauren wanted to figure out a way to have all the kindergarteners in his class experience playing an instrument. She came up with a system that would be easy enough for pre-reading 5 year olds to play along. It worked!

Encouraged by a fun and successful year, she continued volunteering, eventually in three of her son’s classrooms, adding ideas to enrich the curriculum along the way.

A retirement center heard about this system and wanted to provide this as an enrichment activity for their patrons. Lauren made a phone call and said, “Meg, make this look beautiful and fun.” She did!

Knowing the power of music, and having 7 boys and 1 girl between the two moms, we wanted to use this system to foster all areas of development in happy and practical ways.

We started writing songs to encourage healthy eating, better behavior, and academic helps for not just our children, but all children.