A Pattern In All Things-Appreciate


Part 3: Recap to the Circle of Fifths

Every student's question--Why should I care?

Yes, knowing "Big Secret Number One" makes music reading (especially sight reading) so much easier, but after a while that spoonful-of-sugar kind of music makes you long for a deeper, richer salty (or sour or bitter) flavor. One that doesn't just give you a blood sugar spike but leaves you hungry, but one that has more dimensions, one that is more filling.

Dark chocolate caramels with sea salt anyone?

The human experience is broader than three happy chords. Imagine if a painter only ever used three colors? Wouldn't we all miss out on not being able to experience a masterpiece that uses color to employ perspective, shadowing, and mood--equaling greater depth and maturity? 

As wonderful as pink, orange, and blue are in any picture, the appropriate use of color heightens expression in the same way rage, shame or delight conveys a greater description than only anger, sadness or happiness would. Artists that go beyond the predictable are appreciated and revered.

Remember: Music colors feeling with chords! 

Understanding the Circle of Fifths
Helps you anticipate, Appreciate,
and Eventually create music.
Lauren Denning