A Pattern In All Things-Anticipate


The Circle of Fifths: Part 2

Let's return to the big mac of the question--Why Should I Care?

Big secret number one: The majority of radio music is composed just out of three chords. 

Once you internalize that most of your left hand accompaniment is going to be made up of those three chord patterns, you can drop your "Good Boys Deserve Fudge Always" pneumonic device to figure out which note on the staff you should be playing, and instead narrow it down to which of three notes out of the chord.  (And if you don't get it right, it still will sound okay--hooray!) 

So which are those chords did you say? The major ones--I, IV, V. The sweet-as-sugar sunshine chords.

In the Key of C it would be:

I=C chord (C,E,G) 

IV=F chord (F,A,C)

V=G chord (G,B,D)

Remember: Music makes patterns through chords!

Understanding the Circle of Fifths
Helps you anticipate, Appreciate,
and Eventually create music.
Lauren Denning