A Pattern In All Things-Introduction


seeing circles

Check out our user-friendly Circle of Fifths

The Circle of Fifths.

The black hole of music.

With the mere mention of it most students follow blank deer-in-the-headlights look, accompanied by spontaneous .

No longer.

The Chime In Circle of Fifths is different. 

It is friendly looking and inviting.

It is helpful.

It changes the way you look at music. 

It is suddenly oh-so-easy to see the patterns of music.

It is a music theory student's dream come true!

After proudly showing it off at a conference, someone actually dared to ask this honest question: Why should I care?

With years of teach behind my belt, I was ready to pounce. "Understanding the Circle of Fifths opens the door to understanding the framework of all music," I explained. Knowing the chord patterns in the Circle of Fifths helps you anticipate, appreciate, and eventually create.

Understanding the Circle of Fifths
Helps you anticipate, Appreciate,
and Eventually create music.
Lauren Denning