where did we leave off?

Oh yes! We aren't just any old bell music. We are hip, young, and fresh! Our bells and music are simple enough for the young, challenging enough for adults, and fun enough for (even) teenagers to want to Chime In!

(And you get the credit!) 


Layered learning

Educators love the ability to reach the eight different learning styles simultaneously with Chime In Bells.

Teach anything to music and your student will remember it.

As Patricia K. Graham explained, "Music is a very efficient tool for teaching. Words and music that are memorized together can be remembered indefinitely. The melody helps to recall the words, and the rhythm of the words helps bring back the melody. We ought to be singing everything we teach. Musical commercials demonstrate how hard it is to forget a slogan with a catchy tune." 

Within 15 minutes a group with no musical experience can provide their own accompaniment to a variety of songs perfect for learning or performance. 

Chime In's Instruction Guide has nifty ways to keep those bells to only swell in time. 

For more information download a free copy of Chime In Education "Music in Minutes" brochure. 

Music is a very [effective] tool for teaching... We ought to be singing everything we teach.
— Patricia Kelsey Graham, music educator & composer

i'd like to teach...


There is nothing quite like music to teach teamwork, cooperation, following instructions, with the accompanying sensation of creating something with intrinsic beauty and value together.

As the famous teacher and violinist Shiniki Suzuki said, "If a child hears good music...and learns to play it...he develops sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart." 

Classrooms and boardrooms, families and friends, can all benefit from the feelings of achievement and camaraderie from the creativity and discipline incorporated into every every music making, or in other words--peacemaking session of Chime In Bells.

More than any other art, music shapes life and personality. It teaches punctuality, teamwork, discipline and cooperation.
— Thaddeus J. Lubera (writing in the 1950s). Assist. Superintendent Chicago Public Schools

How do we do it?

Using the traditional roman numerals, the color-coded chord symbols are based on the position of the chord within a key signature. It starts simple, with two chords (I and V7) and two groups. First time? Try out Are You Sleeping.

The second stage builds it to three chords (IIV, and V7) and three groups. The majority of music is based off of these three chords, to the enjoyment and amazement of all. Jingle Bells anyone? 

The next stage adds minor chords, and by that point the group is basically ready for a national tour and soon you’ll be adding accidentals and other complex sounds like diminished, suspended, and augmented chords. (Shhh…don’t tell anyone they are learning  at the same time!)

By that point, really, the “Sky’s the Limit (TM)” with your music making....(Yes, that was a sneaky plug for our song writing game, coming soon!)

The beauty is that this Pattern Based Music System (TM) is the same for any key signature. To change the pitch, change the key, and instantly your song is transposed to match your range.

Instead of spinning the wheels in your head to understand transposition, just spin our Circle of Fun (opps, we mean Circle of Fifths) to take out any how many sharps or flats guess work! 

Usually a group will stick with one key signature per session.

Did you ever want to conduct your own symphony?

With Chime In you can!

Our music can be easily used with any other note based instrument— so feel free to break out the banjos or ukuleles or guitars or keyboards or handbells, but if you really want to feel the bang how about pipes, Boomwackers, or drums!? You get the idea.

We hope these Chime In Bells are magic for you! And we hope you enjoy our collection of songs and instruction. Want more? There is more to come! Our library of music, games, and teaching products has just gotten started. Check back often and soon! 

about us

Hi! We're Lauren and Megan. Two friends since elementary school who love to have fun! And laugh. We're really good at laughing. One day Lauren said to Megan - I have an idea! Let’s get people learning and playing music with bells. They both agreed and Chime In Bells was created.
Lauren is a musical mastermind, piano teacher, and mother to five awesome kids (4 boys and 1 girl!). Her superpowers include making gourmet meals from anything found in her pantry and being well-versed in community issues. 
Megan is a designer (landscape, floral, and graphic) and mom to two rad little boys. Her superpowers include the ability to craft a well-thought out pun at the drop of a hat during regular conversation. 
We are happy to meet you!