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“We ought to be singing everything we teach.”

Patricia K. Graham, Music Educator

Chime In Bells is an instant and affordable way to create music together using resonator bells. Sing-and play-along to familiar songs and sound awesome doing it! And, coming soon, an e-learning course to create even more music and inspire the best within us. Let’s chime in!



The first thing people do when they see our resonator bells is to grab a mallet and give them a good hit! Once they do, they’re hooked. Our bells produce a happy ring against the metal key and sturdy plastic base. The rubber mallet eliminates the typical bell “buzz” and just brings a smile to your face when you play.

These bells are guaranteed to make anyone a music aficionado! We aren't kidding. Anyone can play these delightful bells and follow right along with the music.

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You may have seen bell music before, but we’re a little different. Our music is simple enough for the young, challenging enough for adults, and fun enough for (even) teenagers to want to Chime In!

The beauty is that our Pattern Based Music System (TM) is the same for any key signature and uses easily recognizable, traditional, and super cute colors and symbols to lead the way!

Our music can be easily used with any other note based instrument— so feel free to break out the banjos or ukuleles or guitars or keyboards or handbells, or how about pipes, Boomwhackers, or drums!? You get the idea. Here’s more about it though.



Oh, we are so excited about this! Our 3rd-6th grade online e-learning course is in the works! Our layered learning system is focused on social and emotional coping skills while reinforcing academic learning through song. Our animal friends take the lead to teach the basics of music using the resonator bells and find themselves in many sticky situations that help teach kids about resiliency and compassion.

Hello, we all need that, right?! And guess what, you don’t need to be a Mozart or a millionaire to use it. Join our pilot program here to get an instrument in every student’s hand and start increasing comprehension and retention with fun and affordable 30 minute lessons.

who loves chime in bells?


Families love Chime In Bells as an easy way to actually make music together.  (It is all about harmony, right?)

Grandparents love Chime In Bells to sing with their grandchildren. (Try it on Skype!)  

Extended Families love Chime In Bells as a fun activity that is well suited for all ages and stages. (And break out the guitar, we'll also sing the songs of days gone by.)

Piano teachers love Chime In Bells to help students transpose songs into more difficult key signatures. (“Oh! That’s why you teach me cadence chords!”)

Choirs love Chime In Bells to add an elegant accompaniment to their finest selections. (Joyful! Joyful!)

Church Youth Groups love Chime In Bells to sing praises as its expression brings a sweet spirit of harmony, love, peace, and joy. (Unity helps sings my soul.)

School teachers love Chime In Bells to create happy sounds without hours and hours of rehearsal. (And music has a way of making every day more fun, not to mention all those studies about how music makes you smarter and remember better too!)

School Districts love Chime In Bells as an affordable option to get an instrument into the hands of all their students. (Added plus--no tooting or tuning. They are always ready to go!)

Preschools love Chime In Bells to give even young children a way to play music without even knowing how to read. (And doesn’t everyone love to whack a bell?)

Therapists love Chime In Bells as a fun way to connect with their patients and reinforce skills during sessions. ("Let's start at the very beginning.")

Activity Coordinators love Chime In Bells as a fantasticly fun answer to the 'what shall we do today?' question. ("Oh doo-dah day!")

Recreational Centers love Chime In Bells as a great unity building activity for large groups. (Whose's in the mood for a melody?)

Retirement Centers love Chime In Bells as a magical way to keep aging minds sharp. (Sounds better than a Sudoko.)

Friends love Chime In Bells as a built in party-in-a-box. (Par-Tay!)

Now we invite you to Chime In with us! 

We want to hear from you!!!